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Ms Office fully means Microsoft Office. It is a complete set of inte-related applications which enables the user to make use of it effectively in solving most of business, home or work problems by typing information into it from a computer or any relevant handheld device. Ms office is a product of the world's giant company called Microsoft Corporation, found by Bill Gates and operating its headquarters in the United States of America. Ms office is a very qualitative, durable and easy to use application. 

One must not be professional enough before using it, and it is absolutely free of charge, meaning you do not have to pay for its services once you started using it.  


Unlike other office applications, Ms Office does not have any restriction of usage. Therefore, it can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. Some of the office applications demand that a user must pay for it to get an activation key, this mostly turned out to be a fraud and illegal way of running away with peoples' money. Microsoft's Ms Office is a registered trade mark product, and purchasing the software is actually recommended from the Microsoft online stores becaus e of the company's reliability.

Ms Office was created to suit all platforms and the available OSs (Operating Systems) which include: Windows (XP, Vista, 10, etc), Word, etc. Therefore, a computer user whose computer is of Mac need to be very sure of the system requirements before trying to download or install the software to save time and resources. 

Ms Word for MAC can be obtained by downloading it from the official secured site of the Microsoft company online store. You can just follow this link to choose the version for your Mac. You will be required to check compatibility of the software to your computer. Once it is compatible, you will need to save the file being downloaded and run it accordingly. Within the same application are the following related items: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and Outlook. This is really all-in-one wonderful product. The Ms Office Suite 2016 being the latest version of the software. 

After the successful installation of your Ms Office for Mac, you should choose from the suite the part of the application which you want to operate upon. Whether you are a student, a teacher or businessman, this office suite is best for you, i recommend.